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Here at BS SINGH & CO LLP, we provide a comprehensive legal service for a growing private client base in Bristol and the surrounding areas. As with any of our legal services, our team take the time to complete full consultations to help build a profile for the case and will then keep you informed of our progress every step of the way.

Just some of the services we provide to our private client base include:

  • Preparing enduring powers of attorney – this is a legal document that enables an individual to appoint others to deal with their property and financial affairs.
  • Transfer of property from elderly people to their children – in some cases, parents feel that their best option is to transfer their property to their children and feel secure in any future circumstances. We can advise on whether it will achieve the desired outcome.
  • Making a will – essential if you wish to decide who should benefit after your death. Guardians may be appointed, provisions made for co-habitants, friends, charities and close or distant relatives, with inheritance tax planning measures incorporated.
  • Advice upon the death of someone who has not made a will – there are strict and complex rules on who benefits from the estate of an individual who dies without leaving a will. This is why it is crucial to make a will, no matter how young or old you are.
  • Dealing with unmarried partners’ claims – to ensure that your partner benefits from your estate after you die, you need to make a will. However, in exceptional circumstances, the law assists co-habitants or dependents in the absence of a will.
  • Disputing wills – a will may be legally challenged where an individual was incapable of understanding their actions, or if they came under inappropriate pressure or influence, or where the correct legal procedure was not followed or advised.
  • Applications to the Court of Protection – we can assist in an application to the court to appoint someone to look after an incapacitated persons’ affairs if they cannot appoint someone themselves.

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