Wills and probate services in Bristol

A professionally written will can guarantee that your estate/property goes where and to whom you want it to.

With our will writing service, you can say who you want to control your estate, who you want to benefit from it and how. This can include getting guardianship requirements in place to protect your children or relatives; by choosing the age you want them to receive it. You can also ensure that there is money available to assist them with their schooling or general life before the age you advise.

We will also offer you advice about the implications of inheritance tax on your property and can write your will, taking this into account.

When your will is complete, we will witness the signing process to ensure that everything is correct. We can provide lifelong storage of your will/s, as part of our committed service to you here at BS SINGH & CO LLP Solicitors in Bristol.

Providing ongoing legal advice and support

Sometimes, when someone dies under certain circumstances where their will is unclear, unfinished or vulnerable to be challenged, or even where the will does not cover all expected provisions for the people who had expected it, issues can arise. Here at BS SINGH & CO LLP Solicitors, we have high levels of experiences when dealing with these challenging and sensitive problems.

Our service includes directing executors, beneficiaries and disappointed potential beneficiaries in the best way that we can. We can provide advice and assistance in association to contested wills, inheritance act claims, contentious probates and claims bought against the executors by unhappy beneficiaries.

Under some circumstances, when the deceased did not leave a will, we can also help to provide all the information you need with regards to probate and administering the estate following the Intestacy Rules.

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If you need assistance with any of the things above, from will writing to contesting a will, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and a member of the team at BS SINGH & CO LLP will respond as quickly and efficiently as possible.